Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A special diversion

Shittiest neighborhood I've seen so far. Vanta C and I were scared, but it was worth the effort. Can you guess where it is?


Triple check that the doors are locked!

Boarded up windows! Vampires must live here.

Give up? The house you're looking at is the childhood home of Michael Jackson. 2300 Jackson St., Gary, Indiana.


Sara said...

Oh my goodness. Gary, IN still stands out in my mind as the dirtiest, weirdest place we've traveled through. I kept driving and driving, wondering when we would get out of the "bad" part of town and that never happened :)

Trina said...

I too have driven through Gary, IN and been scared and locked my doors. I guess that's how MJ got so tough, if he spent part of his childhood there.

John Judy said...

Ha ha ha! Awesome!

LiveWorkDream said...

You know, you gotta wonder, with all the money that that creepo Jocko has, why couldn't he spare a few bucks to improve the town a little, maybe help out some of those boys he's so fond of? Sad, really sad.

When we were in Eureka, South Dakota, we learned that the founder of USA Today gives a lot of money to this one horse town where he grew up. He even built them the visitor's center we were standing in. We thought that was pretty cool.

Trina said...

liveworkdream, I think you have the right idea. About more than what MJ should be doing with his money, but that's my main point here.

Rachel Tamed said...

Damn I didn't know the Vanta-C was getting down to even Jacko's roots!

I.Sirius said...

Awesome! I take it you didn't stop to check out Ben's grave in the backyard?

Tread lightly lone camper.