Friday, November 7, 2008

Something to keep you happy

I'd originally had the feeling that my time in Michigan would be a hiatus from my "real" Vantasy. I felt that it wouldn't really count, because it would be easy. I'd get showers, I'd have electricity, I'd have ample time to work on Vanta C's imperfections, I'd eat baked dinners. I figured I wouldn't blog much, because I just wouldn't have much to say.

And I haven't done much writing, but not because I've had nothing to say. It's... It's that I've had too much to say. Too many idea cattle have been stampeding my brain and I can't seem to catch even one in my verbal lasso, let alone name it, let alone tame it.

So, while I work on my next entry, which will be an inside look at last week's emotional breakdown, you fine folks can check out my progress!

I haven't added all of the pictures yet, but it's a good start.

Tonight I sleep in Ann Arbor, and leave Michigan and my family tomorrow to continue my great journey.

Onward and forward,

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Trina said...

I love your map, I love you, I look forward to hearing more about your vanta-c! And I miss you lots and lots.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to get here! We can heal each others' emotional breakdowns, perhaps.