Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vanta C rolls on...

It's tank top weather here in St. Augustine, Florida, but I was wearing a really ugly sweater and a mismatching hat at 9:00 this morning when I rolled out of bed and drove to Winn Dixie. I needed groceries, but I had a more urgent and pressing need. The same need which often lands me in grocery stores in the early morning. Let's just say that today groceries were my number two priority.

Being a regular (ha!) morning shopper these days, I've noticed something and I'd like to pass a warning on to the ladies out there in blogtown: Apparently, the morning isn't just the time for stocking at grocery stores, it's also the time for stalking. On three recent occasions, including today, I've caught men staring at me. You know the stare I'm talking about: the baby, I want you to notice me noticing you stare. It's always carried on for too long, and is usually followed by some feeble attempt at conversation like, "did you make your outfit?" or, "Do you have a business card?" This happens to me almost always in the morning, and almost always when I haven't yet brushed my teeth and my hair is sticking straight up on only one side and there are crusties in the corners of my eyes. Someone tell me, why do I always get hit on when I look like the corpse of Susan Powter? Is there something about pillow wrinkle marks on a woman's face that is irresistible to men?

These early morning grocery store pick-up attempts always result in having the opposite affect than intended. Instead of wooing me, your stares freak me out a little. Now not only do I have to poop, but I also have to watch my ass. Today I was actually followed around the store!

Gentlemen readers, if you do this in an effort to pick up women, PLEASE STOP. It's CREEPY.

Stop the insanity!

Anyway, back to the Vantasy. In the past week, things have really gotten rolling. Ralgh and I have got our adventurous spirit back and we're really enjoying our alone time. We spent a quiet Thanksgiving in Georgetown, South Carolina. I drank a glass of wine while I made lentils and wild rice with cherries, sundried tomatoes, and southern kale thrown in, with a side of kim chee on crackers. And I shared with Ralgh. We took some long walks, but it was a really quiet day since no one was downtown and my phone was turned off. On Black Friday I headed down the coast to Charleston, and then continued to Savannah, and then Brunswick Georgia and Jekyll Island. Ralgh and I have spent heaps of time on ocean beaches, walking and picking up seashells. Ralgh absolutely loves the beach, because there are a lot of really disgusting things to smell, roll in, or crunch on, and I like the salty air and rhythmic waves. I sure am going to miss the ocean on my way back across the US.

Speaking of: St. Augustine is a special place, because it is the last stop for me before I turn and start heading in the direction of home! The Vantasy is half way over. Can you believe it? At this point, I can say that I'm in a really happy place. I've sorted through quite a bit of baggage and kicked the garbage to the curb, which feels great. I've spent so much time trying to navigate emotional breakdowns in the last month, that I almost forgot that I was doing something amazing. Now that a lot of the work is done, I can just enjoy my travels, my good old dog, and my freedom. Life is beautiful. The Vantasy was my dream for a long time and I made it come true. In an apathetic world where people spend a lot of time making excuses for not being able to do what they want, this accomplishment is profound.

"It seems to me like this. It's not a terrible thing - I mean it may be terrible, but it's not damaging, it's not poisoning to do without something one really wants... What's terrible is to pretend that the second-rate is first-rate. To pretend that you don't need love when you do; or you like your work when you know quite well you're capable of better."

-Doris Lessing, The Golden Notebook


Rachel Tamed said...

Don't you just love how men feel free to hit on women anywhere anyplace anytime? It is not like you were focusing on shopping anyway - you are a woman with a small brain, and therefore, were simply at that store in hopes that some jackass would attempt to woo you :)

Anonymous said...

You're not coming to Gainesville? :-(

Trina said...

Oh Eva, I miss you so much, but I'm so glad you went on the Vanta C.

Cija said...

Hey Eva, thank you so much for that final quote in particular I need that with my current sitch. I too have found some truths in my life lately and found myself smiling this big grin this morning because I finally think I know where I need to be... I think your happiness is contageous...and just so you know you are so my idol, I am so proud of what you are doing and it's been an amazing example for me.

I can't wait to see you when you get back :0)

Vanta C said...

Cija! Isn't that a great quote? I think it also fits your situation perfectly, what I know of it anyway. I'm glad it spoke to you. now, get out there and make it happen!

Shannon said...

do a cartwheel on the beach for me before you start to head back!!!

John Judy said...

"Don't you just love how men feel free to hit on women anywhere anyplace anytime?

They don't. Some men do.

Anyway, thanks for ruining my one sure fire technique Eva. Sheesh, it's getting to where you can't even stalk women trying to use the facilities at a grocery store anymore.

Also, I would seriously mack on the corpse of Susan Powter.