Saturday, September 27, 2008


Left Pinkie:

Saw a cyclist three times over three days on my drive through Kansas. Thought about offering him a ride, but then changed my mind because I figured he was probably cycling across Kansas because he wanted to.

Ex-wedding band finger:

Ralgh and I stopped to watch two squirrels chase each other. You know how they jump from tree to tree and you're always amazed that they don't fall? Well, today I saw one fall... like fifteen feet. Thud! Then it got up and scurried away. I hope it's okay. Dillon and I talked about squirrels. We realized that no one has ever seen one poop. I think it's because people are always looking at their nuts.


Finger I sprained during the 2006 Portland Trailblazer Jam Squad audition:

Woke up this morning with a few slices of cinnamon raisin bread, wrapped in cellophane, left on my windshield by the woman who lives in the house in front of which I parked (is that a real sentence?). What a delight!

Surprise bread!

Left finger that should never be aimed by a polite person at another person:

Saw the above cyclist a third time in Beloit, Kansas while riding my bike. I excitedly forced him to talk to me and we spent the evening rolling around Beloit on our bikes and then eating dinner at the only restaurant we found. Kurt was battling the Kansas wind, cycling from Boulder, CO to Salina, KS for a sustainable agriculture conference. Thanks for the evening and dinner, Kurt!

Right index:

A bee crash-landed on my chest and fell down my cleavage (I know! I have cleavage! I was a surprised as you are). In a panic, not wanting to be stung, I yanked my shirt down and brushed the bee away, flashing the entire downtown of Beloit in a girls gone wild moment. Burning Man is over, Eva Darling; keep your clothes on please!

The bird:

I discoverd a litter of kittens in an abandoned building on the river in Beloit. Came really close to adopting the curious one, then considered the potential of keeping a litter box in Vanta C. Regrettably decided against adopting the kitten.

Useless right hand finger:

Watched the debate at an Obama party in Lawrence, Kansas. There were two hundred supporters there and we had a raucous time. I thought McCain did an good job, but did he have to be so cranky and condescending? And the jokes... was that a bestiality joke? I am in love with Obama. have been since 2004. Have never been attracted to a president before. I want to cuddle with him and then watch him make universal health care a reality. *sigh*


Tea-drinking pinkie:

My favorite graffiti so far. Clever. It's Kansas. Get it? Wizard of Oz?

Awesome Kansas Wizard of Oz Graffiti

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Rachel Tamed said...

I do not know the route of your travels - but I will be in Dallas from the 14th to the 18th with a hotel room with all the amenities if you will be anywhere close!!!