Monday, September 15, 2008


This trip is kinda like being in college again. I'm broke, spending a lot of time hanging out in coffee shops on my laptop, showering in dorms (shhh!), and hanging out on campuses. While it might seem kinda creepy that this unemployed adult woman slinks around cafes and dorms trying to look like she belongs there, I know my intentions are pure. Besides, it's not like I'm going to sink so low as to show up at a frat party or something. Actually, I'm lying. I totally would go to a frat party if someone invited me... or if I thought I could sneak a hot shower while I was there. But that's a non-issue. Bald girls don't get invited to frat parties.

I don't think it's such a bad thing that I'm living like I'm in college again. I mean, college was one of the best times in my life. I was learning nonstop, making new friends everywhere I went, and felt like I was at the steering wheel of my life. There was so much promise back then. I remember naively thinking that in just a few years I would get a real job and make, like, fifty thousand dollars a year. I still think that, but this time I'm right. Right?

In the last week, I've spent all of my time in college towns, where I've been spoiled by bikelanes and free wireless internet almost everywhere I go. My favorite so far has been Fort Collins, Colorado. The crowning glory of this town is it's cutting edge commitment to all things sustainable. Lots of towns talk the talk when it comes to being green, but Fort Collins goes leaps and bounds beyond, making sustainability the first priortity.

If sustainability is the crown of Fort Collins, the New Belgium Brewery is the diamond in that crown. There are too many creative footprint-reducing devices to mention, but these folks are reusing and rechanneling energy every step of the brewing process. They also sustained my happiness by getting me buzz-drunk two days in a row. For free. And gave me a sticker. And a tube of chapstick. You know that 50K job I'm gonna get in a few years? Well, I hope it's here.

Free beer, new friends

Yesterday I rolled in to Boulder, which is Ralgh's favorite stop so far on our tour, since we've gone on two long mountain hikes in the last twelve hours and there's an alarming abundance of squirrels living in our neighborhood. I'm out and about today, exploring this new city, waiting to see what delights and friends I'll encounter. And I won't encounter much sitting here staring at my laptop, so:

Over and Out!


rach said...

Hooray! You're in one of my hometowns. It damn well better treat you right or Boulder will have some explaining to do. Check out Nederland too (up Canyon Street around 20 miles of gorgeousness). It has an amazing co-op grocery, if i member correctly. Cheers!

Kelly McNiece said...
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Kelly McNiece said...

I went to Tennis Camp and Golf Camp at the campus in Boulder.

I am sure you will do better than I did with my fragile 12 year old ego. I did not get invited to any frat parties either.

Glad you are having fun...